Asia study


Asia, the continent from Every Star is Different

You’ll need a laminated map of Asia and some Play Doh for this. You can download the map from Theodora for free.

This tactile activity is a great way to help children recognise the shape of continents. Simply cover the map of Asia with Play Doh and recreate the shape.


Free Montessori Biology Printables for Children | Montessori Nature:
Parts of the Giant Panda from Teachers pay Teacher

This free download from Green Tree Montessori Materials includes:

  • a printout with dashed boxes for cutting and gluing
  • Sheet with the words at the bottom for writing
  • A control chart for independent work
  • Fact sheet
  • Giant panda tracing card


Animals of Asia from Every Star is Different

These animal cards created by Every Star is Different are so good. There are lots of different animals for children to sort and compare or you could play eye spy. Download them here.


Mandarin characters station from here at REOLife


I made this simple mandarin-station cards which you can download for free. I presented them with the traditional silk notebook and enamelled pen from our special delivery. The cards could also be used as a matching activity as there are two copies of each character.





Largest cities or Towns of China from Every Star is Different

In this activity children will order the cities from largest to smallest. This activity was created by Every Star is different and can be downloaded here.

Present this activity with a map of China so children can mark each city on the map, if they like.