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We’ve had a special delivery…

Last week we had quite a busy week doing lots of fun stuff. On Wednesday we
went along to one of our local home ed meet ups so we could try out our (non-existing) skating skills with friends. We met some new people, fell on our bums, laughed, played in the ball pool, had an ice lolly and played on the bouncy castle. The kids had great fun! Bear even got the hang of skating a little! As we made our way home we thought the fun was all over. Little did we know there was something special waiting for us. Something we had been waiting for. Continue reading “We’ve had a special delivery…”

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Joy Sparking books for education

At the start of 2016, we decided to de-clutter our home. I noticed that since we began home educating, we had accumulated an unbelievable amount of junk! The drawers were overflowing, the books had no homes and the pen lids, my gosh, I’m certain they were breeding under the sofa. One day as I began my daily search for the latest thing I had ”put in a safe place” I decided enough was enough. Continue reading “Joy Sparking books for education”

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Great Britain

‘Create a continent box ‘ has been on my to-do list for over 6 months. They are such a fun and interactive way to introduce children to different places and cultures. Each box represents one of the seven continents and you fill it with various items for the child to explore. However, I just haven’t got around to it. Where would I even start? Continue reading “Great Britain”

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Home Education Essentials

In my last (and first!) post I briefly mentioned back to school essentials. This got me thinking about the ‘essentials’ for home education. I often see people ask “what do I need to teach my child at home?” “Is it expensive?” “What should I buy?” Well, annoyingly, there is no short answer to these questions. It depends on your family, your lifestyle and more importantly, your children and their interests. Some interests cost more than others. Some lifestyles are more simple. Others have different educational approaches so the cost and materials can vary considerably. Continue reading “Home Education Essentials”

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Back to homeschool

September. The month of the annual back to school pandemic. It is easily one of the most talked about months of the year. For weeks, everywhere you look, you are bombarded with back to school this and back to school that. From snacks to socks; nothing is spared. Even those who cautiously hide away will sooner or later get caught up in the back to school madness. But fear not, for I have been observing this back to school phenomenon closely and thought I would kick-start REOLife with a blog post dedicated to this back to school craze. This post may help you hold it together this September. Continue reading “Back to homeschool”