Meet the family


The face behind the blog. That’s right. It’s me.

I’m Katie. A mum, a home educator, a blogger and a self-confessed geek. I spend my days doing and thinking about all things home ed and family related. I like to spend my spare time writing, gaming and watching movies. When I get some free time that is!

Here on REOLife you will find amazing resources,  free printables, the best bargains, awesome ideas, super recommendations and inspirational words. Plus, I’ll be sharing our home education journey to inspire others.


If I can make the lives of other home educators a little easier while spreading the word about how awesome home education is, then I will consider this blog a success!!


Meet the R from REO aka Zip.

Zip is almost 8. He is a super talented, tech-savy, computer genius who is passionate about the digital world. You will usually find him hooked up to the internet or near something with buttons. He is also a science enthusiast with a particular interest in space, gravity and DNA. Zip has a ASD diagnosis which was affecting his life at mainstream school. Since we deregistered and chose to HE he’s had the chance to explore his interest sand find his passions. This lad is also a loyal gamer. If hes not playing games in his free time, hes recording them, coding them, making them or watching them. When he grows up he wants to be a game maker, scientist, a youtuber AND more. Or so he says. 


This is the E from REO, aka Bear.

3 year old Bear is a super-social, very-outdoorsy little whirlwind of fun and energy. She LOVES everything right now. Except bedtimes. She DOES NOT like bedtimes. She also doesn’t like sharing with her baby brother 😛  When the time comes she will also be educated at home.


Meet O from REO, aka Pop.

He is the newest addition to the family at only 10 months young. He is as cheeky and cute as they come and wants to join in with everything we do. Pop loves to explore, singing ‘Row Row Row your boat’ and baby sign songs. He also loves to make a lot of noise and mess! 😛


Our family wouldnt be complete without our big Whisky-woo. She is our crazy and large German Shepherd who thinks she is a cat. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe some of the things she gets up to. She tries, and fails, each day to sit on our lap for cuddles. She truly is unique.


This is REO and this is our life.


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