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Montessori in a bag

I love these ideas from over at Three Minute Montessori.

Three Minute Montessori

Jasmine: Before I left for London, a top item on my pack list was to assemble busy bags for the 13 hour plane ride. I have issues with the term “busy” as I think children need to be meaningfully engaged rather than just occupied with “busy work”, i found these busy bags useful for developing concentration and honing fine motor skills, whether on a plane ride or living out of a suitcase! I got carried away and made 21 busy bags, arranged according to the five areas of Montessori work: practical life, sensorial, math, language, cultural.

My criteria for the busy bags:

-minimal loose parts, so it’s easier to keep track

-loose parts must be cheap or I already own them, so I will not feel too much heartache if things get lost

-portable and light (we used mainly Daiso ziplocks the size of a medicine/ tablet strip, with a…

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Great Britain

‘Create a continent box ‘ has been on my to-do list for over 6 months. They are such a fun and interactive way to introduce children to different places and cultures. Each box represents one of the seven continents and you fill it with various items for the child to explore. However, I just haven’t got around to it. Where would I even start? Continue reading “Great Britain”