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Are you trying to keep Home Ed costs as low as possible. Hopefully I can help with that.

It is so easy to over-spend, especially when there is a big sale on somewhere. Why is it that sales seem to cost me MORE money? What is with that?

Anyway, I have a money saving secret.

I first discovered this back in 2012 – way before we started learning at home. I’ve saved myself £100’s since then. When we started HE my savings TRIPLED!! I’m not joking.

I usually save this up for Christmas time and buy a few extra presents, or maybe put it towards something big which we wouldn’t be able to afford. I also like to use it during the Summer too. I will use my savings and buy a few new educational toys Image result for hue animation studioor resources.

This summer I used it to purchase HUE Animation Studio. Essentially I got this for FREE!! Thats right, you too could get something for free this year, without any hard work.

So whats my secret?

Its TopCashback.

Whats that?

TopCashback is a site which gives you money back from your purchases. Its very simple to use. Say you want to buy some new books from The Book People. You would go to TopCashback, search for The Book People and click . This will then take you directly to their site. Its the clicking which is important (and what you get cash for).

From here you can buy the books, as normal, and complete your purchase. You will receive a percentage of your spending back into your Topcashback account. It usually takes a few weeks until it is confirmed, but that’s OK because its FREE!

You are not limited to books either, oh no! There are 100’s of stores offering money back. You can get cashback for your car insurance, travel, broadband, clothes, toys, electrical, groceries and more.

So each time you decide to make a purchase online, go to TopCashback, find the store you want to buy from, click on it and BOOM. GET FREE MONEY!!

You will also get a bonus for recommending a friend.

How do cashback sites work?

When I first heard about these sites I thought it was some kind of scam. It sounds too good to be true. Nothing is ever free, right?


Cashback sites earn a commission from the retailers for every paying customer it sends to their site through an affiliate network. The retailer will then pay the network, who will then pay the cashback site for advertising, who will then pay you for clicking. Simple.

How much money will I get back? 

TopCashback is the highest paying cashback site but the amount you earn will depend on your purchases and which retailer you buy from. Different places offer different percentages of cashback. Here is a list of my most used retailers, how much cashback they are offering right now, some of the best deals I have found on there and how much you would earn (based on a £50 spend)

Image result for the works


THE WORKS – Offer a fantastic 12.6% cashback!! That would be £6.30 you would get back for FREE!


Image result for the book peopleTHE BOOK PEOPLE – Offer 3.15% cashback so you would get £1.57.  There is currently an offer on giving you an extra £4 cashback on a £40 spend. So you would receive £5.57 in total back into your pocket!

Image result for whsmith


WHSMITHS – Offer between 2.1 and 10.5% cashback, depending on what you buy. Thats between £1.05 and £5.25 cashback.


Image result for tesco direct logo

TESCO DIRECT – Offers between 1.57% and 5.25%. Thats between £0.79 and £2.63 cashback. Tesco groceries also offer £6.30 back for new customers.


Image result for f and f


F&F – Offers 5.25% back. Thats a saving £2.63


Image result for elcELC – New customers can take advantage of 4.2% cashback. Thats a handy little £2.10 back.


Many home educators take advantage of memberships and annual passes to save money, but did you know you could save EVEN MORE by going through TopCashback?


Image result for national trust


NATIONAL TRUST – You will get a straight up £5.25 cashback for joining the National Trust through TopCashback.

Image result for english heritage


 ENGLISH HERITAGE – Offer 10% off annual and gift memberships PLUS    5.25% cashback. Bonus!!

Image result for days out DAYS OUT – Offer 10.5% cashback.

Image result for cineworld


CINEWORLD – Offers £9.13 cashback for the unlimited card subscription.


Image result for groupon   Groupon – Offer £10.50 cashback. Literally savings on savings!


There are tonnes more, but I’m sure you get the idea! There is only one catch. You must earn £5 before you can start withdrawing. After that, the money is all yours. I reached that mark in one purchase, so it didn’t take long 🙂

Seriously, go over to TopCashback now and sign up today to start saving yourself money.

I’m so glad I did.



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